Green Pick-Me-Up

Today was one of those days I could have really used this smoothie. You know that feeling you get when you are on the edge of getting a cold? That tickle in the back of your throat or just feeling off. Well that has been me today. Plus, on top of feeling like I’m getting sick, I have had my 10-month old giving me boogery kisses and coughing in my face all day. I’m pretty much doomed. I tried all the tricks today too. Lots of water, check. Took a nap, check. Vitamin C, check. What I really needed though and didn’t have, were the ingredients for my Green Pick-Me-up. Filled with all of it’s vitamin packed goodness I’m sure it would have helped. Since making it to the store for the ingredients was out of the question today, I figured I would share the recipe in hopes of helping anyone else trying to fight off all of this winter sickness! img_1309  

Green Pick-Me-Up



handful of spinach


kiwi, peeled


pear, peeled and seeds removed


small cucumber, peeled


c. water
Directions: Add all ingredients to blender. Blend on medium for 15 seconds then high for 25 seconds or until smooth.

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